Nikolai Zykov Theatre preserves and develops the art of puppetry based on the ancient traditions of different countries of the world by using innovative materials and technologies. Nikolai Zykov Theatre offers puppet performances for adults, children and family audience, master-classes for professionals and puppet lovers. All performances of Nikolai Zykov Theatre are wordless, can be presented on stages of any size, have minimum time for set up, have only 1 to 3 members of personnel and have no additional expenses for luggage.

Nikolai Zykov is a world famous puppeteer who has performed his puppet shows in more than 40 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Nikolai Zykov has created and has made more than 200 unique marionettes, hand, rod, radio-controlled and innovative puppets. Nikolai Zykov is an author, director, artist and performer of over 20 puppet performances which have received many international awards for innovative creativity and outstanding performing mastery, including Awards of World UNIMA Congresses.


Participation of Nikolai Zykov in international and world cultural events


1980  USSR, Moscow. Cultural program of the XXII World Olympic Games.

1983  USSR, Rostov-on-Don. V Festival of Russian-Bulgarian Friendship.

1984  GDR, Gera. XX International Arbeiterfestspiele.

1985  USSR, Kazakhskaya SSR, Baikonour. Performance of Nikolai Zykov in City Concert Hall.

         USSR, Moscow. XII World Festival of Youth and Students.

1986  Bulgaria, Sofia. Days of Moscow in Sofia.

         USSR, Latviskaya SSR, Riga. Participation in the concert of Moscow masters of arts.

1987  Afghanistan, Kabul. Tour of Russian performers in Afghanistan.

1988  USSR, Uzbekskaya SSR, Tashkent. Participation in the concert of Russian masters of arts.

         USSR, Kazakhskaya SSR, Alma-Ata. Participation in the concert of Russian masters of arts.

1989  USSR, Byelorusskaya SSR, Novopolotsk. International  festival of arts.

1990  Italy, Monopoli. Cultural Program of European Union Conference.

         USSR, Ukrainskaya SSR, Simpheropol. International  festival of arts.

1991  Taiwan, Taipei. Festival of Russian Culture.

         South Korea, Seoul. Seoul Marionette World.

1993  South Korea, Taejon. International Puppet Festival of World Expo-93.

         South Korea, Chunchon. V Puppet Festival  Chunchon.

         South Korea, Seoul. Midopa Puppet Festival.

1994  Russia, Saint-Petersburg. International Puppet Festival "Nevskiy Pierrot".

         France, Charleville-Mezieres. X World Festival of Puppet Theatre.

         Pakistan, Lahore. Puppet Festival Pakistan.

1995  Brazil, Canela. VIII International Puppet Festival.

         Brazil, Sao Paulo. Festival Internacional de Teatro de Animacao.

1996  Iceland, Reykjavik. Tour of Nikolai Zykov Theatre in Iceland.

         Singapore. Singapore Festival of Arts.

         Brazil, Canela. IX International Puppet Festival.

         Brazil, Curitiba. V Festival Espectacular de Teatro de Bonecos.

         Brazil, Sao Paulo. Festival Internacional de Teatro de Animacao.

         Hungary, Budapest. XVII World Puppet Festival and Congress of UNIMA.

         Belgium, Gent. Gent Summer Festival of Arts.

         Seychelles, Victoria. Performance of Nikolai Zykov in Embassy of Russia.

         Mauritius, Port Louis. Festival of Russia.

1997  France, Charleville-Mezieres. XI World Festival of Puppet Theatre.

         Turkey, Bursa. IV International Puppet Festival.

1998  Italy, Porto Sant'Elpidio. IX International Puppet Festival "I Teatri del Mondo".

         Italy, Pesaro. Burattini Opera Festival.

         Mexico, Huamantla. XIII Festival Internacional de Titeres.

         Japan, Tokyo. XI International Puppet Festival Love & Courage.

         Turkey, Bursa. V International Puppet Festival.

1999  USA, Seattle. International Puppet Festival of the Millennium.

2000  France, Charleville-Mezieres. XII World Festival of Puppet Theatre.

         Venezuela, Caracas. International Festival Marionette 2000.

         Turkey, Bursa. VI International Puppet Festival.

2001  USA: New York, Philadelphia. Best Russian performers tour.

2003  France, Charleville-Mezieres. XIII World Festival of Puppet Theatre.

2005  Latvia, Riga. Performance of Nikolai Zykov in Congresu Nama Concert Hall.

         Estonia, Tallinn. Participation in concert in Tallinna Linnahall Concert Hall.

2006  Argentina, Buenos Aires. Festival International de Titeres y Teatro AL SUR DEL SUR.

         South Africa, Cape Town. Out The Box Festival of puppets, masks and visual performance.

         Pakistan, Lahore. World Performing Arts Festival 2006.

2007  Uzbekistan, Samarkand. Tour of Nikolai Zykov Theatre in Central Asia.

         Tajikistan, Pendjikent. Tour of Nikolai Zykov Theatre in Central Asia.

         Iran, Tehran. 10-th International Festival of Student Puppet Theatre.

2008  Kazakhstan, Astana. Participation in Chinese New Year celebration.

         Russia, Moscow. 5th International Festival in honor of Sergey Obraztsov.

         Cyprus, Nicosia. 2nd International Puppet and Mime Festival of Latsia.

2009  India, New Delhi. 7th Ishara International Puppet Festival.

         Russia, Moscow. 1st Puppet Festival "Vokrug da okolo".

         Poland, Lodz. 6th International Festival of Solo Puppeteers.

         Turkey, Istanbul. 12th International Puppet Festival.

         Greece, Kilkis. 11th International Puppet and Mime Festival

2010  China, Shanghai. 2nd Shanghai International Puppet Festival Golden Magnolia1 of 12th China Shanghai International Arts Festival.

2011  South Korea, Geyongju. World Puppet Festival of Geyongju World Culture Expo 2011.

         Brazil, Canela. 23rd Festival Internacional de Teatro De Bonecos.

         Brazil, Jaragua do Sul. 11th Festival de Formas Animadas.

2012  Turkey, Izmir. 6th Izmir International Puppet Days.

         South Korea, Chilgok. 2012 World Marionette Music Festival.

         China, Chengdu, Nanchong. The 21st UNIMA Congress and World Puppetry Festival.  

         Italy, Rotella, Festival dell"Appennino.

         Italy, Capodarco, Festival Il Girafermo.

         Italy, Porto Sant'Elpidio, Festival I Teatri del Mondo.

         South Korea, Suwon, Gyeonggi Puppet Festival.

         Russia, Moscow, "Bright People" International Children Creativity Festival.

         Russia, Moscow, "People, Puppets and Moscow" puppet festival.

         Slovakia, Bratislava, performance of Nikolai Zykov Theatre in Center of Russian Science and Culture.

         Austria, Vienna, performance of Nikolai Zykov Theatre Russian Culture Institute.

         Israel, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Bat Yam, Rishon Lezion, Rehovot, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beersheba, tour of Nikolai Zykov Theatre in Israel. 

2013  Taiwan, Kaohsiung, International Puppet Festival.

         Russia, Moscow, III "Around of the World" International Festival.

         South Korea, Chilgok. II World Puppet Music Festival.

         South Korea, Yongin, "Viva, marionettes" International Puppet Festival.

         South Korea, Yeoncheon, "World puppets, come here" International Puppet Festival.

         Check Republic, Prague, performance of Nikolai Zykov Theatre in Center of Russian Science and Culture.

2014 China, Nanchong, Zizhong. 1st International Puppetry Week

         Egypt, Alexandria. 2nd Backstreet Festival.

2015 Spain, Gijon. La Feria Europea de Artes EscÚnicas FETEN 2015.

         Russia, Moscow. First Crystal Petrushka International Puppet Festival.

         Sri Lanka, Colombo. Colombo International Theatre Festival CITF 2015

         Russia, Sochi. First World Games of young compatriots.

         Mexico, Matehuala, Cedral, Villa de La Paz, XVII Festival del Desierto.

2016  South Korea, Suwon. Gyeonggi Puppet Festival

          Mexico, Tlaxcala, XXXI Festival International de Titeres Rosete Aranda

          Romania, Bucharest, XII International Festival of Contemporary Animation Theatre

          Mexico, Sinaloa, Festival Cultural Sinaloa 2016

2017  Belarus, Minsk, tour of Nikolai Zykov Theatre in Belarus

          Romania, Bucharest, 6th "Teatru, Strada si Copil" International Theatre Festival

          China, Nanchong. 2nd International Puppetry Week

          United Kingdom, Edinburgh. 70th Fringe Theatre Festival       

          Romania, Iasi, 10th International Theatre Festival for young audience

          Switzerland, Lugano. 35th International Puppet Theatre Festival

          China, Quanzhou. 3rd Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival and The 5th International Puppetry Festival

2018  Russia, Moscow, Moscow Seasons Festival "Travel To Christmas"

         South Korea, Seoul, Daegu, Mungyeong, tour of Nikolai Zykov Theatre

         Italy, Rome, participation in TV show "Tu Si Que Vales"

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