August 5,6 2017  LIGHT PUPPET SHOW  C+2 theatre, C venues, Edinburgh, UK 

October 6 2017  GIANT AND OTHERS  Teatrul Luceafarul, Iasi, Romania

November 4, 2017  DINOSAUR AND HIS FRIENDS  Teatro Foce, Lugano, Switzerland

November 5 2017  GIANT AND OTHERS (in two acts)  Teatro Foce, Lugano, Switzerland

December 7-11 2017  MOSCOW MARIONETTES  International Puppet Festival, Quanzhou, China

December 24 2017  NEW YEAR SHOW OF DINOSAUR AND  HIS FRIENDS Eldar Concert Hall, Moscow, Russia

January 3-5 2018  NEW YEAR SHOW OF LIGHT PUPPETS  tour in Novosibirsk, Russia

February 4 - April 12  GRAND SHOW OF LIGHT PUPPETS  spring tour 2018

 September 23 - October 28  GRAND SHOW OF LIGHT PUPPETS  autumn tour 2018


Dear friends!

Welcome to the magic world of puppet art.

Modern puppet art gives a lot of joy, surprises by unique tricks and most unexpected transformations.

Any our show, without extra baggage costs, can be delivered easily to any point of the World and can be demonstrated on absolutely any stage.

I create, design and make my puppets by myself. Each of my puppet was created with the use of new materials and technologies and includes unique design solutions.

My puppets live on stage only because of spectators love.

Thank you for your love.

                           Nikolai Zykov                                                                                                                      

Nikolai Zykov is a world famous puppeteer who has performed his puppet shows in more than 40 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Nikolai Zykov has created and has made more than 200 unique marionettes, hand, rod, radio-controlled and innovative puppets. Nikolai Zykov is an author, director, artist and performer of over 20 puppet performances which have received many international awards for innovative creativity and outstanding performing mastery, including Awards of World UNIMA Congresses.

Nikolai Zykov Theatre preserves and develops the art of puppetry based on the ancient traditions of different countries of the world by using innovative materials and technologies. Nikolai Zykov Theatre offers puppet performances for adults, children and family audience, master-classes for professionals and puppet lovers. All performances of Nikolai Zykov Theatre are wordless, can be presented on stages of any size, have minimum time for set up, have only 1 to 3 members of personnel and have no additional expenses for luggage.


ADULT TOURING SHOWS - new constructional types of animated objects, unique puppet vignettes with unbelievable transformations, original puppet sketches for adults (from 10 min to 1 h 50 min with one intermission/ 1-3 persons/ no paid luggage/ up to 800 spectators/ wordless).


CHILDREN TOURING SHOWS - electric light puppets, unique transforming and trick marionettes, radio-controlled and giant puppets in puppet show for children and family audience (from 50 min  to 1 h 45 min with one intermission/ 3 persons/ no paid luggage/ up to 1000 spectators/ wordless).


Funny Company marionettes

ONE-MAN TOURING SHOWS - one-man show of the best Nikolai Zykov's puppets, light show and classic music show for family audience  (40 min/ 1-2 persons/ no paid luggage/ up to 500 spectators/ wordless).


MASTER CLASSES - lectures-demonstrations about innovative puppets and modern marionettes for professionals and puppet lovers (60-90 min/ 1-3 persons/ no paid luggage/ up to 500 spectators/ language English, Russian).


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