January 25, 2020, Tiraspol "Darkness, silence and suddenly ... a fairy tale, a luminous puppet illusion over the auditorium. The main and only conductor - Nikolai Zykov, has been performing with puppets on stage for 40 years. The Russian designer really succeeded in surprising and captivating the viewer, jellyfish even had to fear for their tentacles, everyone wanted to touch them, soaring above their heads. A real sensation made an 8-meter dinosaur. " Transnistria News, Tiraspol

March 23, 2019, Azerbaijan "There is a completely unique phenomenon in theatrical art, one of which is the work of the Russian puppeteer master Nikolai Zykov. A huge firebird flew around the hall with beautifully chosen music, a neon caterpillar crawling along the walls, LED jellyfish danced over the audience. Many puppets, to the delight of the public, were created right on the stage, changed shape, transformed, making up stunning imagination of giant shining figures. " Trend News Agency, Azerbaijan. In a lying position from under the carpet ... - Nikolai Zykov about the unique Azerbaijani tradition "Trend News Agency, Azerbaijan. Baku


October 8, 2018. Italy, I want to say that this gentleman is genial. Why? Because we often hear that creating a trick is a real problem. You saw, you realized that he just combines everything into one whole and at the same time moved from one atmosphere to another. It was just magical. Bravo. " Talent Show "Tu Si Que Vales" Italy, Rome,

August 6, 2017, UK ... a mixture of sizes, shapes and styles, each of which is unique and fascinating to watch. This is a wonderful and unique concept. Primary Times, Scotland, Edinburgh.

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Newspapers, magazines and TV about Nikolai Zykov

"Nikolai Zykov is one of the most important puppeteers of the world ... a master!" Festival de Bonecos, Canela, Brazil.

"The work Nikolai Zykov does both modern, and classical is beautiful to look at. Nikolai Zykov is definitely a National Treasure". Steven Mark Overton, USA.

"Nikolai Zykov is a celebrated Russian puppeteer, known for pushing the boundaries of traditional puppetry." World Performing Arts Festival, Lahore, Pakistan.

"Nikolai Zykov has a variety of technical surprises that make his shows a success. His puppets live independently from their creator. Nikolai Zykov is making the step of technical development into the future." Jakob Steiner, Austria.

"...amazing, what great great puppets, excellent, original, funny, entertaining and unique." Peter Garofalo, Northampton, United Kingdom.

"...Using modern materials and technologies, Zykov presented a very spectacular show, which excited the audience by its refinement and luxury..." Revista E. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"...splendid puppeteer. Spectators were dazed..." Kirill Dremluh. Vecherniy New York, USA.

 "...flashy and upbeat marionette variety show by manipulator extraordinaire..." Out the Box. Cape Town, South Africa.

"Zykov captivates the audience by precise and majestic manipulation of his delightful and complex puppets" Festival de Bonecos, Canela, Brazil.

" We can straightly say, it is fantastic. Puppets danced, sang and even fly." Latvian News. Daugavpils, Latvia.

"Nikolai Zykov who attended the Festival from Russia impressed everyone, even the children and the adults. His show was wordless but everyone could understand easily." Murat Sezer. Vizyon, Turkey.

"The humor, elaborate sets and the virtuoso operating technique galvanizes the audience..." Tatiana Russkikh. Youth Review, Russia.

"...a super professional, without exaggeration a real master..." Regina Dubovitskaya. Russia TV, Russia.

"His puppet show doesn't leave anybody indifferent. Everything he shows is like a discovery..." Olga Semenova. Molodaya Gvardia, Russia.

"Do not even try to understand how he does it all, just watch and enjoy" Stanislav Jelieskin, Russia.

"...enchanting show, which can hold the attention of spectators of all ages." Julia Byhanova, Doverie TV, Russia.

"Only a true professional could create such a miracle concert, to wade chills! " Oksana Gaidash, Star , Russia

"... One of the very interesting representatives of this laborious genre ..." Yevgeny Petrosyan. 1TV, Russia.

"Nikolai Zykov - a talented director, actor and artist, who uses the cutting-edge innovations." Moscow Region TV, Russia.

"...the most titled puppeteer of Russia, the master of world class..." News. Culture TV, Russia.


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