puppet show (12+)

technique - string marionettes, rod, giant LED, EL-wire, radio-controlled and experimental puppets

duration - 2 hours with one intermission

50 YEARS WITH PUPPETS - a creative evening gala show of the artist Nikolai Zykov, who preserves and develops the art of puppetry based on the ancient traditions of different countries of the world by using innovative materials and technologies. Each puppet in the performance is not only a work of art, but also a new unique design. Nikolay Zykov's multi award-winning puppets have many technical surprises and are able to surprise the most demanding spectators. At his creative evening gala show Nikolay Zykov demonstrates his most unusual puppets, giant, radio-controlled, LED, neon and experimental puppets, gives the audience a lot of joy, surprises with incredible possibilities of the most modern puppet art. Nikolai Zykov's unique work arouses well-deserved interest among puppet lovers all over the world. He has repeatedly represented contemporary Russian puppetry at the most prestigious foreign theater festivals, captivating the audience with his technical innovation, unpredictable creativity and virtuoso puppet manipulation. The unique performances of the Nikolai Zykov Theater are gathering full halls all around the world with invariable success. Critics call these shows "like a discovery", and Nikolai Zykov "one of the most significant puppeteers in the world."

Nikolai Zykov is an artist of the world stage, who has delighted spectators in more than 50 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, has created more than 200 unique puppets, glove, rod and experimental puppets. Nikolai is the author, director, artist and performer of more than 30 puppet shows with many international awards for innovative creativity and outstanding performance, including awards of the UNIMA World Puppeteers Congresses.

This show contains unique puppets created in different years, from the very first puppets of the 80s of the last century to the newest light puppets of the 21st century. This performance demonstrates all the main directions of Nikolai Zykov's creative search in the field of using new materials, technologies and inventions: new designs of puppet skeletons, new designs of puppet transformations, radio-controlled puppets, puppets flying over the audience, puppets made of electroluminescent wires, LED drops, giant puppets created in front of the audience. In this performance you will see both the most famous puppets that have performed on the variety stages, as well as the most unusual new experiments that amaze specialists at international festivals of contemporary puppetry art.

"There are a completely unique phenomenonas in theatrical art, one of which is the work of the Russian master puppeteer Nikolai Zykov. " Trend News Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan.

"Nikolai Zykov is a celebrated Russian puppeteer, known for pushing the boundaries of traditional puppetry." World Performing Arts Festival, Lahore, Pakistan.

"…amazing, what great great puppets, excellent, original, funny, entertaining and unique." Peter Garofalo, Northampton, UK.

"Nikolai's works, both modern and classical, are beautiful. He is undoubtedly the treasure of the nation." Stephen Mark Overton, USA.

"Nikolai Zykov has a variety of technical surprises that make his shows a success. Nikolai Zykov is making the step of technical development into the future." Jakob Steiner, Austria.

"The humor, elaborate sets and the virtuoso operating technique galvanizes the audience..." Youth Review, Russia.

"His puppet show doesn't leave anybody indifferent. Everything he shows is like a discovery..." Olga Semenova. Molodaya Gvardia, Russia.

"...enchanting show, which can hold the attention of spectators of all ages." Julia Byhanova, Doverie TV, Russia.

"Only a real professional could create such a miraculous concert, for whom each of his puppets is a living creature with its own character, and who freely finds a common language with them!" Zvezdochka magazine, Russia

"Nikolai Zykov - a talented director, actor and artist, who uses the cutting-edge innovations." Moscow Region TV, Russia.

"Nikolai Zykov is the most titled puppeteer in Russia, a master of the highest international class ..." News. Culture TV channel, Russia.

"Nikolai Zykov is one of the most significant puppeteers in the world, ... a real Master!" Festival de Bonecos, Canela, Brazil.

"Do not even try to understand how he does it all, just watch and enjoy" Stanislav Jelieskin, Russia.

Among the awards: "Arts Innovation" Award of the 12th China Shanghai International Arts Festival , "Excellent Show" Award of the 21st UNIMA Congress and World Puppet Festival in Chengdu, "Performance Award" of Asia-Pacific UNIMA commission, Award of the 4th Colombo International Theatre Festival, Award "For brilliant performing mastery" of the 12th International Festival of Contemporary Puppetry in Bucharest, "Outstanding Creativity" Award of Asia-Pacific UNIMA commission , "Sell-out show" Laurel of Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Nikolai Zykov has performed his puppet shows more than 4000 times in more than 50 countries around the world: in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, United States, Canada, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia,
Russia, Byelorussia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, South Africa, Mauritius, Seychelles, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.





The duration of the show is 2 hours with one intermission.

Presentation in English or Russian language.

All puppet vignettes are without a language barrier.

Age category of presentation 12+

Puppet technique - string marionettes, rod, giant LED, EL-wire, radio-controlled and experimental puppets

Author, artist,  director and performer - NIKOLAI ZYKOV

Puppeteer and puppeteer assistant - NADEZHDA DUBININA.

Puppeteer and Technical Director - SERGEY ISAEV.

All puppets are created, designed and made by NIKOLAI ZYKOV

First presentation - October 26 2015, Masters of Arts Central House, Moscow, Russia.

Gratitude for contribution in culture and development of puppetry, Masters of Arts Central House, Moscow, Russia.


Technical requirements: one microphone in hand and a non-stop mp3 playback, the preferred stage wide - 6-10 m, stage depth - 6-10 m, the curtains must be black or dark, one 220 V socket is required on the stage. More information in Official rider.



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