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Created, designed, and built by Nikolai Zykov in 1987.

System: string marionettes.

Number of strings: 32 (17+15).

Height: 99 cm / 39 in.

Materials: papier-mache, foam plastic, foam rubber, wood, metal wire, fabric, fur, ostrich feathers.

First presentation -  November 27, 1987, Student's club of Moscow Aviation University, Moscow, USSR.

During two years the  Prehistoric Man performed alone.

Three-headed Dinosaur was made in 1989.

These two very difficult multifunctional puppets are operated by one puppeteer simultaneously.

Step 1: song of Prehistoric Man.

Step 2: Prehistoric Man finds a giant egg and tries to open it .

Step 3: hatch out of Three-headed Dinosaur.

Step 4: Prehistoric Man sits astride the Three-headed Dinosaur.

Step 5: song of Prehistoric Man and Three-headed Dinosaur.

Prehistoric Man in TV show, Moscow, Russia, 1995.


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